Through ERG Germany GmbH and ERG France SARL  we maximize the performance of your wind farms.

We have over 15 years' experience in looking after all turbine models. When you choose our company, you can be sure that your wind farms are in the best possible hands.

We can provide a comprehensive range of management services. We monitor on a daily basis the maintenance and services provided by manufacturers and offer detailed reporting as well as a 24/7 call on duty service to ensure the highest possible economic output.

Technical Management Services

Our high qualified and experienced technical team focuses all its energy on maximizing the performances and efficiency in case of events requiring short term actions or for long term measures ensuring you to get the most of your installations all over their life spans.
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    • Day-to-day remote monitoring of wind farms and transformer substations
    • Responsive thanks to a 24/7/365 standby service
    • Precise and reliable analysis of production data to anticipate failures and identify any potential underperformance (discrepancies, availability, and losses/gains)
    • Fault analysis and curative techniques
    • Save and archive efficiency, downtime, incident and facility availability data
    • Comprehensive and regular facility inspections including all infrastructure (foundations, platforms and access routes)
    • Monitor lead times and supervise predictive, preventive and curative maintenance actions
    • Coordinate, support and supervise subcontractor work on turbines, grid connection points and transformer substations
    • Coordinate maintenance of access routes, crane sites and green areas
    • Switch on/off operations for the HV network
    • Support and consulting for facility modifications or improvements

Administrative and Commercial Management Services

Our employees act as your representative in dealings with banks, electricity companies, manufacturers, landowners and other stakeholders, and handle all the administrative tasks of your operation company from A to Z.
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    • Information about the performance of the assets and production of monthly, quarterly and/or annual reports
    • Allocation of operation income and expenses
    • Contract management (supervision and optimisation of insurance policies, maintenance contracts, feed-in contracts, lease agreements, etc.)
    • Debt management and interface with lenders
    • Privileged contact with electricity production and distribution companies, authorities and lessors
    • Preparation and checking of energy utility invoices (receivables and payables), other invoices and tax statements.
    • Complaint and dispute handling
    • Coordination of dividend payments
    • Management of bank accounts and payments in accordance with the strictest security standards
    • Coordination and execution of all bookkeeping work
    • Management of the account-closing process in liaison with the chartered accountant
    • Personal consultancy and support of shareholders
    • Monitoring of latest legal obligations and support in their implementations
Specific Expertise & Consulting Services


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    • Wind turbine inspections prior to commissioning, for acquisition/sale and at the end of the warranty period
    • Complete visual inspections of wind farm infrastructures
    • Inspection of mast and blades from the ground using high resolution telescope
    • Endoscopies of the gearbox and/or generator and/or blade bearings
    • Electrical inspection of the generator
    •  Oil and/or grease sampling and interpretation of analysis results
    • Thermographic inspection of the turbines and substations' components
    • Check nacelle alignment
    • Check of drive train alignment
    • Check exactitude of true north
    • Penetrant testing
    • Maintenance audits
    • Offline CMS campaigns and CMS results analysis

    • Assistance with contract negotiation and management (supplies, insurance, maintenance, services, etc.)
    • Assistance during decision-making processes
    • Consulting services during wind farm construction phase
    • Owner's Engineering from preconstruction stage to take-over
    • Technical due diligence
    • Analysis and recommendations to optimize the performances of the installations
    • Reassessment of production estimates based on actual production data



We are uncompromising on safety for our own teams and all other parties working on site to:


  • Ensure safety rules are issued and complied with
  • Make sure equipment, such as hoists, lifts and electrical installations are inspected and maintained in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards
  • Check that wind farms and their environment are kept clean and tidy
  • Make sure that people working inside facilities are duly authorised and are equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Respond without delay in the event of emergency situations involving personal and/or property risks, and coordinate fire and emergency services



We provide our clients with relevant and consolidated information specific to their asset:


  • Detailed inspection, operation and financial reports tailored to the client's needs
  • Archive all the facility's technical and commercial documentation
  • Access to technical and commercial files via a web portal
  • Delegated consultative access to ERG's unified SCADA