Our plant

Our natural gas fuelled plant which produces electricity is located in the South-East of Sicily, at Priolo Gargallo, in the province of Syracuse.

It is a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) that runs on natural gas and consists of two units, with two gas turbines and one steam turbine each.
Its production capacity is 480 MW. Part of the electricity it generates is fed into the national grid and the rest is used to power the industrial plants of the Priolo site.

In 2016, it generated 2,693 GWh of electricity, in line with the previous year (2,632 GWh).

About a quarter of the power it generated was used to cover the needs of the Priolo industrial site.

The cogeneration plant is characterised by high performance and low emissions and is helping the Group to achieve its energy efficiency objective.

The overall annual emissions of the ERG Power plant

The overall annual emissions of the ERG Power plant
In accordance with the data in the figure, it is possible to highlight one of the main goals achieved in recent years, that is the significant reduction in atmospheric emissions thanks to the completion of two important projects: the revamping of the old CTE plants, the opening of the new CCGT plant and the project to carry out environmental improvements to the SA1N/1 group. In fact, the previous liquid fuels were completely replaced exclusively with gaseous fuels (natural gas and fuel gas from the adjacent ISAB S.r.l. ISAB Imp. Nord refinery).