How we manage our wind farms

We learned how to design, build, and then manage our assets. This is the formula we use to create value and on which we are basing our growth abroad.

Our approach to the management of energy production is based on vertical integration, ranging from site identification, to design, to engineering construction, and to park management, including maintenance and weather forecasting. We enriched our wind business adding comprehensive management of the farms that covers the entire value chain, including management and maintenance. It is a choice that sets us apart from most other wind energy operators, which usually outsource the operational management and maintenance.

The advantages of a vertical integration model
Our industrial heritage has become an important distinguishing feature and a fundamental lever supporting the way we do business, from the point of view of both the management cost savings and the production control. On the latter front, there are two major benefits of direct management and maintenance of our wind farms:
  • greater availability of the plants, since we can programme our maintenance to fit into low wind periods during which production is close to zero;
  • this increases production, since the plant becomes more available at times when the wind is optimal.
As a lean and dynamic operator, this model allows us to be more efficient in a market that is very competitive and highly attractive for investors.

Our Operating Centres

Our Operating Centres

We took our first step to integrate maintenance in 2013, by acquiring an Italian company employing 130 people specialized in the maintenance of wind farms.

We have completed the insourcing of the management and maintenance of all our wind farms in Italy, gaining a consolidated know-how that we can extend throughout Europe. We are now replicating this model abroad, in Germany and France.

In 2016 we started operating in the logistics centre of Chartres, in France; in 2017 we started operating in Brunsbüttel and Sallgast in Germany. From June 2018, in France, Amiens logistic centre started its activities.

At the end of the business plan, our diversification process abroad will make us a local industrial operator, with direct on-site management of core processes and with local staff.

This model is a lever for operational efficiency but also a value for the area, which will share our growth. Our operating centres are located near our wind farms, so as to ensure timely interventions on turbines, transformers, underground cables, and substations. Each distribution centre has a warehouse - provided with spare parts, tools, and equipment - and administration offices.