Updated as at 31 December 2020
on the basis of the information received
in accordance with TUF, artt. 114 and 120 

Declarant Party directly holding the major shareholding    N.shares  %

     San Quirico S.p.A.      

San Quirico S.p.A.  

83,619,940  55.628 

Polcevera S.r.l.

10,380,060 6.905

Treasury Shares




Other shareholders

54,869,920 36.502

Share Capital € 15,032,000.00
divided into 150,320,000 ordinary shares

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Other Characteristics of the Shareholding Structure

  Yes/No %of share
Shareholders' agreement in force No -
Majority vote No -
Shareholding by senior management Yes 0.05%
Participation threshold for the presentation of lists  Yes 1%
(Source: Executive Summary, Report on corporate governance and ownership ERG 2019)