2018-2022 Economic & Financial Targets

Thanks to this expansion we forecast EBITDA of around 500 million Euro in 2020 and approximately 560 million Euro in 2022, despite our gradual exit from incentives in the Wind power sector and the expiry, starting from 2020, of energy efficiency certificates in the thermoelectric power sector.

The strong cash generation leads us to predict, again by the end of 2022, a debt of 1.2 billion Euro, with a multiple corresponding to 2.1 times expected EBITDA, at the same time ensuring for our shareholders an adequate and sustainable remuneration, competitive with that of the Utilities sector.

The financial resources generated, the high quality of our assets and the flexibility of our organisational structure will enable the Group to face the new challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves in the near future within a sector, the electricity sector, in rapid and constant evolution.