2018-2022 Business Plan

The Plan, covering a lifespan of five years, is focused on growth in foreign markets and the technological renewal of our windfarms in Italy.

We anticipate an increase in installed capacity of around 850 MW, through three different channels: organic growth and co-development agreements in Europe, new acquisitions in target countries and a Repowering and Reblading plan for our windfarms in Italy.

Industrial excellence, the flexibility of our assets and pronounced Energy Management skills are the characteristics that we count on to reach these important objectives.
The objectives for the Plan period are:

1) To increase the generation portfolio by 850 MW via three channels:
a. Greenfield and Co-Development +350 MW
: expansion by way of organic growth and/or co-development agreements in Wind power as regards France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

b. Repowering and Re-blading in Italy +260 MW: interventions concerning wind farms with obsolete technology (turbines having a capacity of less than one MW) and at the end of their incentive period acquired in 2013 from Gaz de France, but characterised by good wind conditions and therefore higher profitability.

c. M&A + 250 MW: growth overseas in wind power in target countries and as regards solar energy in Italy, drawing on industrial experience acquired and the synergies deriving from consolidation of our portfolio.

2) Focus on operating efficiency both through insourcing of O&M, which has been completed in Italy and is underway in France and Germany, and via the development of predictive maintenance, aimed at enhancing availability of the plants and extending their useful life.
Over the course of the Plan period we shall continue to enhance Energy Management activities which, with entry into the solar power sector, can rely on a portfolio that is increasingly more ample, technologically diversified and balanced.

Moreover, the unitary and integrated management of the energy portfolio will enable an improved control of the risks associated with individual businesses.

By 2022, the total electricity handled by Energy Management will amount to around 15TWh, of which more than 10TWh pertaining to the Group's production portfolio, with a growth of around 25% with respect to 2017.
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