Ethics and Governance

ERG's Corporate Governance complies with the Corporate Governance Code promoted by Borsa Italiana (the Italian Stock Exchange) and is strongly focused on business ethics.

All of the company's activities, at all levels, are carried out with the aim of guaranteeing a business management process designed to create sustainable value for stakeholders over time while ensuring the legality, transparency and honesty of its relations and business activities.
The internal control and Risk Management of ERG Group Code of Ethics Articles of Association Corporate Governance Code Corporate Governance Reports Anti-Corruption System and Policy Organisation and Management Model pursuant to Italian Leg.Decree 231/01 Compliance Guidelines as per Italian Leg.Decree 231/01 and the anticorruption laws in the Group companies Remuneration: Policy and Reports Procedure for Related Party Transactions Code of Conduct for Directors of Group Companies Guidelines for the identification and execution of significant transitions Internal Dealing: Code of Conduct and Communications Procedure for handling and processing privileged information and for the public dissemination