Let’s awaken the future generations to the development of clean energy

More than 2000 young people, 43 secondary schools, 41 days of touring our plants. These are the figures of the 2017 edition of the ERG environmental education projects "Go with the Wind!" and "A tutta acqua!" designed to awaken students and teachers to environmental protection, the fight against climate change and the development of clean energy.The two initiatives walk hand-in-hand with the evolution of our business model, which today is centred on the renewable energy sources.

"Go with the Wind! and A tutta acqua! bear witness to our commitment to creating shared value with the territories where we operate, in which we make our know-how available to the community."
Giuseppe Consentino, Head of Local Public Affairs at ERG
Then we take the students on a tour of an ERG wind farm - which is often located in poorly accessible areas away from towns - with one of our specialized technicians serving as guide.

"The students discover that we are operating in these areas with innovative technologies and that we generate the energy of the future there. And this is a source of pride for both the young people living in these areas and our colleagues who work there."
Giuseppe Consentino

In the wake of the success of "Go with the Wind!", in 2017 we launched a new environmental sustainability project, "A tutta acqua!" addressed to third-year students of high schools located in the vicinity of our hydroelectric plants in Terni. 
Our objective is to raise awareness of renewable energy issues in the students and at the same time introduce them to the spectacular Marmore's Falls park, a nature area soon to be added to the UNESCO's World Heritage List.

We hold theory lessons on renewable energies - hydroelectric in particular - environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in the info point classroom at the falls; and afterwards we all tour the protected area of the falls, including our Galleto plant.  
Both "Go with the Wind!" and "A tutta acqua" wind up with prize contests for both the students and their schools.

"The contest show how aware the students are of the climate change and their affinity with the sustainability issues. Thanks to them, perhaps we will live in a better society in the future..."
Giuseppe Consentino
For "Go with the Wind!", we ask the students to depict the energy of wind through photos, videos, drawings, signs, models and articles.
Find out more about the winning projects

"We have received creative, imaginative and innovative projects from the students."
Claudio Pirani, CSR Manager ERG

The "A tutta acqua!" participants were instead asked to depict their thoughts on renewable energies and to propose possible solutions to deter climate change.
Find out more about the winning projects.
The winners were also widely publicized on our social channels and the awarded projects were often promoted in the local newspapers and the communication channels of the schools that took part in the project.

These initiatives were successful beyond all our expectations thanks to the students, the teachers, our people and everyone who devoted themselves to their success, with the awareness that only by working together will we be able to guarantee a better future to our planet and to those who live on it.

(a picture taken from the winning project "Ecosostenibilandia")
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