The oasis of Alviano

In the Eastern part of the Alviano lake, slightly upstream of the dam, an oasis was created (400 hectares out of a total of 900 hectares for the whole lake) to host various resident bird species and, thanks to its characteristics and geographical position, it became a stopping point for migratory birds.

The area's characteristics are typical of humid areas with fresh water: marsh, pond, swamp, water-meadow, hydrophilic wood, one of the largest in central Italy, where a huge number of bird species live, e.g. great white egrets, stilt birds and ospreys, in addition to many different amphibians, such as crested newts and agile frogs. Among the mammals living in the Oasis: foxes, boars, badgers, porcupines and hedgehogs. The WWF has taken care of the Oasis of Alviano since its establishment, in 1990: our support contributed to ensure the maintenance of the environment and better reception of species.

The park also hosts a large Environmental Education Centre, where school classes can get to know nature and observe bird species, whilst carrying out scientific research activities in the educational pond.

A laboratory has been set up where the microscopic life of the marsh can be studied: using microscopes, cameras and screens, students can observe all the research phases "live". 7 sheds are used for bird watching activities, they are equipped with noticeboards and explanatory panels to help visitors recognise the different species. A tower was built to observe bird species.

In 2016, the WWF focused on "maintenance" activities in the flooded prairies, such as cutting weeds, pruning trees in the areas in front of observation posts, which are very important for birds to build nests and have some rest. Birds are attracted to this area and can be observed. Reception activities in the Oasis were also improved and enhanced.