Sustainable procurement

ERG considers its suppliers a primary source of competitive success; thus it strives to base its relations with suppliers on the same principles of sustainability, integrity and confidentiality and manage these relations with both current and potential suppliers in accordance with principles of legality, transparency, correctness and loyalty. In line with the aforementioned principles and in managing its purchasing processes, ERG requires that recipients:
  • base the objective selection and technical, financial, organisational and ethical qualification of potential suppliers on the best interests of the Group;
  • [... ]
  • require all suppliers to comply with all regulations specifically relevant at the time, with particular reference to the topic of safety and environmental protection;
  • request compliance with the principles of the Code of Ethics, reporting to the Supervisory Committee any conduct by a supplier that appears to be contrary thereto;
  • [... ]
  • claim observance and observe contractual conditions, with particular reference to health, safety and environmental topics;
  • avoid suppliers with whom they have a family relationship or affinity;
  • show clearly and transparently the evaluation criteria adopted and the reasons for the selections made.

(from the ERG Code of Ethics)  

All procurements and works contracts are made, whenever possible, by tenders, largely managed through a dedicated web portal, to ensure full traceability of all stages of the process. The results are assessed, taking into account all related variables, using an awarding criterion that privileges the offer most advantageous overall and not just based on the largest discount. For the procurement of goods and services, we work only with suppliers and contractors that have been qualifi ed in advance; the corporate IT system does not allow issuing orders and contracts to companies that have not passed the qualifying process.


We favour as much as possible purchases from local suppliers: 89% of the companies present in the Vendor List is based in Italy, while most of the remainder are European.

The qualification process, which is carried out through a web portal, is completely free and open to companies doing business with ERG. At the time of application, they agree to the Group's Model 231 (organizational model) and to its Code of Ethics. We added sustainable criteria to the assessment parameters for some important tenders.
  • In the new contract signed with a leading car manufacturer for long-term car rental, we selected models with particularly low emissions.
  • The aim of the new agreement for printing services was to rationalise the equipment, resulting in a saving of 67% in electricity consumption and 55% in emissions. The new printers are made of 98.2% recyclable parts and allow a 70% reduction in packaging.
  • The framework agreement for stationery includes articles with FSC certification, which guarantees that the wood used to make the product or its derivative, such as paper, comes from ethically managed and ecologically sustainable forests.
  • Finally, the new travel booking portal will allow users to produce information relating to the harmful gases emitted during business trips to plan corrective actions using "green reports".
  • We finalized a contract that was certifi ed to have zero environmental impact, to rental multifunctional printers, at the Priolo plant. This contract, with a leading international company, involves that company voluntarily and fully compensate the CO2 emissions of each device under the Carbon Zero program, created in collaboration with non-profit associations.

    Also, we started a study at our Genoa office, which in 2016 will enable us to optimize the lighting and achieve signifi cant energy savings. We continue the raise the awareness of our travellers concerning business trips: the tools we have implemented in fact optimize the travel focusing on economic issues but also paying attention to aspects that minimize the impact on the environment.