Strategic Committee

Alessandro Garrone
Giovanni Mondini
Luca Bettonte
Marco Costaguta
Elisabetta Oliveri
Paolo Merli
The Strategic Committee advises and issues recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer and to the Board of Directors of ERG and to the Boards of Directors of the Group's operating companies.

It operates, within strategies and policies approved by the Board of Directors, by defining strategic business and portfolio guidelines, and guidelines and policies on strategic finance and for individual finance operations, monitoring the progress of their implementation over time.

The Committee also examines the long-term strategic plans and capital expenditures budgets of the ERG Group and of the operating companies, as well as the strategic benefits of significant capital expenditures effected at the ERG Group level.

In 2019, the Committee held 10 meetings.
The average duration of the meetings held by the Committee was around 2 hours and 45 minutes.
Source: Report on corporate governance and ownership at 31 December 2019