Paolo Prandi

Date and Piace of Birth: March 23 1961, Brescia
Marital Status: widower


Degree in Business and Economics at the University of Brescia (March 1985). Final grade 110/110 with Honors;
Post-graduate specialization courses on budgeting, finance, marketing, trade marketing, sales, and public administration;
Scholarship at the Ente Universitario della Lombardia Orientale (EULO, University lnstitute of East Lombardy).


- Professor of Risk Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Brescia;
- Professional Accountant, Auditor and Court-Appointed Expert Witness at the Court of Brescia;
- Roles:
Vice Chairman and Generai Director of Centro Studi Nazionale Cinzia Dabrassi (as of 4th May 2012 - a nonprofit organization recognized and certified by Regione Lombardia) ;
Statutory Auditor of Fidia Holding s.p.a (as of 28 1h February 2013);
Presidentof the Board of Auditors. and President of the Organismo di Vigilanza of IWBank Priva! lnvestments s.p.a.1 (as of 101h March 2015 - UBI Banca Group);
Statutory Auditor of Superpartes s.p.a. (as of 30 1h September 2014 - Mittel is a shareholder);
GEO of SCS Ingegneria s.r.l. (as of 23 rd October 2015 - The company is testing a new technology which controls the stability of infrastructures. Several universities and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti are taking part in the project);
Alternate Auditor of Immobiliare Mirasole s.p.a. (as of 28 1h Aprii 2014 - UBI Group);
Alternate Auditor of A2A s.p.a. (as of 131h June 2014 - Listed company);

- Other ending roles: Voluntary liquidator of Seltering s.p.a., Informatica s.p.a., IND s.r.l. and Lima s.p.a. (these roles are connected to turnaround activities managed by Paolo Prandi personally or supported by Studio Valore, his company, now called Studio Prandi).

2001 Rivarossi Group - Chairman and CEO
Restructuring after company sale (on behalf of Shareholders)
1996 Idee Commerciali s.r.l. (formerly Majorette Italia s.p.a.) - Entrepreneur
Business development and transfer of company branches.
1995 Majorette Italia s.p.a.- General Director and CEO
Reorganization of the Italian branch.
1991 Pepsi Cola - Manager
Regional Manager for Reading e Schuylkill Haven (Pennsylvania - U.S.A.) Sales Director for Northern Mediterranean Area and Head of the Business Development Unit for Italy Foods.
1987 McKinsey - Consultant
Project management for various business sectors.
1985 University of Brescia e SDA Bocconi - Teacher.
1982 Serca s.n.c. - Junior Auditor

On 25th May 2015 UBI Private lnvestments s.p.a. has absorbed IWBank s.p.a. and adopted the legai entity name IWBank Private lnvestments s.p.a. Paolo Prandi (allready Statutory Auditor from 1st July 2012 and Member of Organismo di Vigilanza from 18th October of IWBank s.p.a.) was appointed President of the Board of Statutory Auditor and President of Organismo di Vigilanza of IWBank s.p.a. (from 4th March 2015) and President of the Board of Statutory Auditor and President of Organismo di Vigilanza of UBI Banca Private lnvestment s.p.a. (from 10th March 2015). After the merge Paolo Prandi bacarne President of the Board of Statutory Auditor and President of Organismo of IWBank Private lnvestments s.p.a.