Mario Paterlini

Personal statement

An experienced Chief Executive with a proven track record in lnternational Business. Driving changeand organisational development within multiple complex stakeholder environment. As a leader I value
the health of the team and the business performance of the team, ensuring the individuai interactionbetween all the team members provides the basis of the overall success of the organisation.
Experienced across various disciplines including legai, HR, finance, procurement and M&A. Key strengths include: strategie and ethical approach, strong understanding of governance, detailed experience and understanding of change management, ownership of productivity programmes and continuous improvement. Ability to assemble and transform teams with consistent values. Strong lnternational experience across EMEA and the US.

Key Skills

• >20 years international experience in a US multinational, $10 billion revenue
• Chief Executive Industriai Gas business, € 500 million revenue with 18% Market Share
• Extensive experience of European markets and culture
• Tri lingual - French, ltalian, English
• Strategie vision with ability to drive focused implementation and financial performance
• Employee engagement and people development - "Employee engagement drives peak performance"
• Strong understanding of governance and compliance
• Business turnaround and change management
• Significant M&A experience

Employment History

July 2010 to present

CEO, Board member Sapio Group

• Main operations in ltaly, with expanding operations in France, Germany and Turkey
• Revenue €500 million, EBITDA €120 million, 1800 employees, 45 legai entities
• Executive Member of Board appointed by JV partners (American multinational and ltalianbusiness investors)
• Operating in the Industriai Gases and Healthcare Markets

Major achievements:
• Business turnaround: Group moved from industry high leverage with negative free cash flow in 2005 to 2010 to a debt free Group generating in excess of € 250 Million FCF between 2010 and 2016, driven from productivity, pricing and volume improvement.
• Built new management team and business restructure to meet needs of current business environment
• Financial strength has provided platform for creation of strategie pian to drive material international expansion
• Driven higher financial performance vs benchmark in industry in both absolute value and %< improvement
• Acquisition of 10 companies over the past 5 years

1988 to 2010 
Various roles in Air Products and Chemicals lnc., Revenue $10 Billion

Director Business Development (based in USA) Merchant Gases, Revenue $ 4.4 Billion
(June 2008 to June 2010)
Major achievements:
-Strategy definition for the Merchant gases group that led to business mix rebalancing:
-Led M&A initiative to acquire major player in US market, transaction value of $ 7 Billion, ultimately prevented by shareholder actions of target
-Led initiative to acquire last large independent Gas player in France, transaction value >€ 80 Million, developed integration plan

General Manager Northern Continent and Centrai Europe- Revenue $600 Million
(February 2005 to May 2008)
Major achievements:
-Business turnaround, lncreased business performance from a 13% ROS to 25% in 3 years
-lntegration of large Polish Industriai Gas acquisition, Revenue $140 Million, 600 people

General Manager France: Revenue €150 Million revenue
(April 2002 to January 2005)
-Drive business performance and margin improvement: in 3 years the French business became the most profitable in western Europe, gained 4% Market share and won the Great Piace to work award

Commercial Manager France
(September 2000 to March 2002)
-Grew French Revenue by 10% per year for 2 consecutive year moving from a commodity to value added way of selling, significantly exceeding market standards

Marketing Manager Performance lndustries Europe based in Brussels: Revenue $ 100 Million
(June 1997 to August 2000)
- Responsible for re-positioning of the product offerings and implementing the global launch of a technological product in over 30 countries. 20 years after the product is stilla star for the product line

University and Professional Qualification
lnternational Director Program-Certified in 2016 at lnsead
Advance Management Program 1998 at lnsead
Université de Technologie de Compiègne 1987 - lngénieur/Masters

Other appointments
CEO, Board member Sapio Life S.r.l.
Chairman Sapio Santé France
Board member Carbitalia S.r.l.
Board member ERG S.p.A.
Board member Buzzi Unicem S.p.A.
Board member Bomi Italia S.p.A.

References are available upon request