Anti-corruption Policy

The anti corruption system

The fight against corruption is one of the main challenges of our times, from a financial, political and social viewpoint. Based on our cultural system and deeply rooted values, we have decided to expand and strengthen, where necessary, our in-house control system with an anti-corruption system, valid for all of our Italian and foreign companies and in line with international standards, which refer to ISO 37001:2016.

Between 2017 and 2018, we were one of the first companies in Italy to get an "Anti-corruption System" and an "Anti-corruption Policy" which measure the level of exposure to the risk of corruption and identify measures to prevent and reduce their occurrence.

In 2019 the Anti-Corruption Policy and System were updated to take account of the Group's entry into the solar sector and specific rules of conduct were introduced with regard to relations with the Public Administration, the whistleblowing system and the adoption of a specific Due Diligence Procedure for significant third parties.
Anti-corruption Policy
Approved by the Board of Directors of ERG SpA on 2nd August 2019
Politique de lutte contre la corruption
Approuvée par le Conseil d'administration d'ERG S.p.A. le 2 août 2019
genehmigt vom Vorstand von ERG S.p.A. am 02. August 2019
Reports on potential violation must be sent using the dedicated e-mail address  

or by ordinary post by writing to
Compliance 231
ERG Group
via De Marini, 1
16149 Genoa

The result and impact on business

The solution we have adopted enables us to:
  • guarantee compliance with different anti-corruption standards, with an approach common to all companies in the Group and in keeping with international standards;
  • provide stakeholders with a further guarantee of integrity, business ethics and compliance with current regulations;
  • strengthen the in-house control system, supplementing it and avoiding inefficiency and doubling of controls;
  • ensure ongoing improvement of anti-corruption compliance.