The interview

A few days before the meeting:

  • Look up the company and analyse whatever you can find referred to the role you have been contacted for;
  • Think about what strong points you would like to emerge during the interview and which ones you need to improve; analyse them by talking about experiences had in your previous working and/or training periods;
  • Write yourself a list of questions: for example, on the company, role tasks and difficulties, on training and growth possibilities.

The day of the interview:

  • Be punctual.
  • Relax… whatever happens, it is a good opportunity.
  • Listen carefully.
  • Answer precisely and directly…and remember that there are no right or wrong answers in exploratory interviews.
  • Be yourself and be honest; it will all be much easier.
  • Use concrete examples, referring to your previous training, working or general experiences.
  • Show you are interested by asking questions.

Some of the questions that ERG recruiters love asking:

  • When you were young, what did you think you would be doing "as a grown-up"?
  • What do you like doing when you're not working?
  • How do you create Energy? Give me an example...
  • Why would you choose to work in ERG?

Do you want more information about the ERG Group?

Do you want more information about the ERG Group?

If time is short… : download our factsheet, which will give you a brief outline of what we do, our sustainability and our history!

If, on the other hand, you have time for details…: browse our official website! In particular, we recommend……

the Who we are section Our power comes from nature, thanks to the energy of wind, water, sun and natural gas. We are leaders in Italy and one of the main European operators in wind power. Find out more…

the Our energy section We produce electricity from nature, using wind, water, sun and natural gas. Find out where and which technologies we use…

the Sustainability section For our Group, growing sustainably means integrating our economic and business growth goals with the creation of value for the environment and society (...)

Find out more…

And now... start preparing for your Future as a #GreenEnERGyMaker !


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Page updated at 10 Aug 2020