Skype interview

How to best prepare for it

It has been some time that here at ERG we use Skype job interviews, especially for the first selection phase.

Although today most people are familiar with technology, it is still an interview and whether it is in person or via the web, perhaps being at home makes a big difference.
Below you will find a guide that will help you to best prepare for it:
  • Start with the technical checks
    Skype downloads for free and if you have never used it, try it out with your friends for a few days before the interview.
    Create a user name that is professional. We recommend that you use your first name.surname
    Get headphones with a microphone so you can isolate yourself and filter out external noises.
    Don't forget to test operation of your webcam and to connect your laptop to the battery charger!
  • Pay attention to your location
    Create a background behind you that is fitting for an interview. An empty wall would be ideal. Be careful to not have too much or too little lighting.
  • Clothing
    Dress just as if you were going to an interview in person.
  • Be on time!
    Log in at least 10 minutes early so you will be ready on the first ring.
  • Posture, gestures and gaze
    Don't slump in the chair. Keep your posture erect.
    Try not to gesture too much and if you want to take notes, do so, but with paper and pen.
    If you type on the keyboard, your interviewer will hear you and you run the risk of distracting them.
    Keep your eyes fixed on the webcam to give the impression that you are looking at your interviewer straight in the eye.
    Leave the Skype window where you see yourself open.
    If you smile, you will see that the effect will be better!