Recruiting Team - Vincenzo

Name and surname: Vincenzo Nicotra
Job title: HR Business Partner Hydro, Energy Management, HSE & Regulatory
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1. What do you like the most about ERG? What I like most about ERG is its drive and the ability to transform and adapt to business requirements. This drive gives the people who work harder and deserve more to develop their career following very interesting horizontal and vertical paths towards growing as a professional.

2. What do you like about your job? Working in a "Green" company for which people and the environment are the focus of its business. This I find very thrilling and gratifying. As HR Officer I have the opportunity of supporting the managers and business requirements by enhancing the Human Capital. I particularly enjoy the selection process because it gives me the chance to "choose" the people who will become a part of ERG in the coming years. People who with their work will help development and the introduction of changes in the company.

3. What are you looking for in a CV? I usually read a CV more than once, the first time I'm looking to see how thorough the information is and whether it follows a standard format or is more original and creative. Then, depending on the post we're looking to cover I look at work and personal experience and whether the profile might match any of the other positions within the company. Often people's personal interests help me to get a more complete picture of the applicant.

4. What suggestions would you give to an interviewee? I'd advise the applicant to be as natural and spontaneous as possible and to spend some time on the website to get a better understanding of ERG's history and what we are looking for in people.

5. And what about the first day at work? Be on time, smile and be inquisitive.

6. What have you learnt recently? I've recently learnt that one should NEVER SAY NEVER... I'm a Mechanical Engineer who would never have thought he'd be working for human resources but now does so with great personal satisfaction. In one's professional life, much like in one's personal life, one must always be open and ready to face new challenges.