Sourcing & Recruiting Team - Marzia

Name and surname: Marzia Bonifacio
Job title: Head of Talent Management and Compensation
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1. What do you like the most about ERG? The opportunities it has generated and is still generating. ERG has 80 years of history behind it and it has been bold and strong to develop and transform each time: now we are a Green Company. So that ERG could change, we all have had/been able to develop new skills, build new ways of working individually and as a team. ERG is a context where you can grow both technically and in terms of management skills and where you can experience things that increase your worth to the organisation.

2. What do you like about your job? I like to put ERG in touch with potentially interesting applicants. From the time I read a CV onwards I try to understand what that person can bring to ERG and how ERG can provide that person with a worthwhile opportunity. Generally speaking, I'd say my job is to help the company and the person to prepare for the future: to be a leading figure in designing and building it.

3. What are you looking for in a CV? I try to understand how experienced they are and spot the "person" behind the words, to get a feel for the career path they have followed. I'm pleased when an applicant writes because they see ERG as providing an interesting opportunity.

4. What suggestions would you give to an interviewee? To my mind this is a unique opportunity to exchange information with a company. Try to describe yourself, what you've done and why, what you'd want to do and who you'd like to be and then… be curious! Try to understand how the type of work, the prospects, the projects can provide you with an opportunity to grow. Ask questions and try to understand what type of personal experience, as well as a professional one, you're likely to have.

5. And what about the first day at work? First of all you must remember you have been chosen, you've passed the selection process and the team trusts you. Try to get to know your colleagues, understand the Company's written rules along with the "implicit" ones, take notes, try to understand where you can get information from… and ask questions! Get people to tell you what you are first expected to do. And then… enjoy your work! Enjoy this new professional adventure, your team and the new challenges.

6. What have you learnt recently? I'm leaning plenty of things. We have many new projects and in the coming months we will develop more. Right now I'm mainly working on employer branding and on my ability to help people change point of view and be open to new ways of moving forward.