Recruiting Team - Daniela

Name and surname: Daniela Corvisieri
Job title: HR Business Partner Business Development, Engineering Development & Foreign Countries
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1. What do you like the most about ERG? I like ERG because it is growing pro-active company and the fact that the company is very keen on investing in its personnel training schemes.

2. What do you like about your job? The variety of issues we have to handle every day and the different outcomes that the same issues can lead to in the various European countries where we have personnel.

3. What are you looking for in a CV? I try to read between the lines to catch aspects that could give me a greater insight into the person's character. I think it's very important in order to understand how a candidate might fit into a work team.

4. What suggestions would you give to an interviewee? If it's a remote interview, I'd always opt for a video conference rather than a basic telephone interview, because besides the complication of the language and the different accents there's often interference on the line, while if you can see each other it makes understanding easier and one can catch many more nuances in what's being said.

5. And what about the first day at work? I think the orientation program we are currently running in the first weeks of employment is very effective and makes new employees feel welcome. I'd be sure to have a few more lunches with colleagues.

6. What have you learnt recently? That every country is different! In every country the interviews have to be approached in a different way. You have to bear in mind that country's labour market and the points that are negotiable and those that aren't.