Name and surname: Denise Bugna
Job title: Talent Acquisition
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1. What do you like the most about ERG? 
Ultimately: its dynamic approach. In ERG I have come across a very interesting environment, which has led to continuous professional and cultural growth, but also growth on a human level. I've experienced the company's shift from being an oil refining company, to a world leader in wind power, the first steps into hydroelectric power production… and who knows how many changes the future has in store for us!

2. What do you like about your job? 
Ever since I was a child, I've always loved stories and particularly stories about people. My job now allows me to meet women and men, listen to their stories, retrace their experiences, get to know the challenges they face and the dreams they carry with them. I get great satisfaction and I'm enriched by these meetings. I think the ability to listen and observe are essential for a recruiter. If you do this there's a chance you will allow yourself to be surprised and people can and know how to be truly surprising.

3. What are you looking for in a CV? 
Order, readability (even in the choice of font) and the systematic arrangement of the information. If they've answered a specific offer it's always interesting to find out why they feel they can do the job for which they are applying.

4. What suggestions would you give to an interviewee? 
Be yourself: playing a part in an interview that you don't feel belongs to you is never advisable. Even if the recruiter doesn't notice and you are taken on, sooner or later you'll feel unsatisfied because the job's not right for you.

5. And what about the first day at work? 
It's the start of a new journey, so smile!

6. What have you learnt recently? 
Right now I'm busy in social communication. A team has been set by the Human Resources team and by our colleagues in Media Relations and Digital Channels: we are about to launch a new image on both LinkedIn and Twitter... I discover new things on a daily basis… it's thrilling and challenging because we are developing new know-how and skills.