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Energy Management
He/She operates on the "spot" and "forward" markets, both at national and European level. He/She is responsible for defining strategies for the sale and purchase of electricity on the various channels and markets in which it operates. It draws up long-term production plans with respect to the ERG Group's generation portfolio, respecting existing constraints both at plant level and with respect to the transmission network. He/She manages information reporting, both in the implementation of European regulations for wholesale markets and with regard to surveys and statistical collections.

He/She is responsible for the development and implementation of projects linked to the ERG Group's technologies. In particular, it carries out technical evaluations and project proposals. He/She analyses, with reference to the various technologies, the characteristic elements of the energy resource of reference (also with regard to the place of interest) in order to create analysis models and evaluate advanced projects. It develops and/or optimises the engineering present in the plants and connected infrastructures to identify innovative technical solutions, capable of maximising the return on investments.

He/She manages the plants to ensure the achievement of the objectives of electricity production, aligning himself with both industrial best practices on the subject, and with regulatory, environmental and safety constraints at work. It plans and ensures the availability, reliability and efficiency of the plants, working in close collaboration with the Maintenance area.

He/She is responsible for the programming and related maintenance processes of the plants. It follows, in particular, the preventive maintenance (done following a fixed schedule, with the aim of preventing failures) and extraordinary maintenance (not programmed upstream). He/She supervises the design of the civil, electrical and mechanical activities necessary for the maintenance of the plants. It ensures compliance with environmental and safety regulations

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