Alessandro - Voglio fare il Manager

Surname: DASSORI
Age: 24
Qualifications: Basic degree in Business Management, about to graduate with a Master in Management @University of Genoa, Faculty of Economics

Hi… What's your educational background? How did you come to join ERG?
I got into direct contact with ERG through "I want to be a Manager" (an initiative conceived by Manageritalia Liguria in conjunction with trade organisations Aidp, Ascom - Confcommercio, Confindustria, Cfmt, Federmanager Asdai Federmanager and Job Centre, to offer more deserving students enrolled in degree courses at the University of Genoa a few days experience working with local company managers).
I got the chance to experience 3 days at ERG. Then I decided to write my thesis on the promotion of health at the workplace, knowing that at the Genoa premises there is a gym for ERG personnel, and – thanks to the support of some managers in Human Capital – I was able to do my thesis here.

Can you tell us about your "I want to be a Manager" experience?
On 3, 4 and 5 April (2019) I flanked two members of the Communication team (Elena Barberis, Web Communication, and Angelo Fallico, Social Media), experiencing their daily work life. The minute I arrived I was instantly involved in a meeting about the "ERG Plastic Free" project!

What did you take from this experience? What aspects did you like most?
It exceeded all my expectations. I expected to see what workers do every day in their department, but I realised I had entered a company that immediately made me feel like an active part of it! I took away the awareness of having been part of a "rare" setup. From the beginning, I already had a sort of admiration for ERG, both for its company mission as well as its evolution over the years, but from a personal viewpoint I felt enriched, appreciated.
When I got home after the first day, my mother instantly saw I was happy. I came home with a great desire to go back again the next day. I would like to use my experience very naturally, cherishing the great enthusiasm, the great team spirit. Everything I experienced here I will keep with me. And knowing that there are companies like this, doing what they do and for the people who work for them, is a source of pride and confidence. I am extremely honoured to have had this experience.

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