How to write the CV

Here are a few tips on how to write your CV and letter of presentation:


The CV: is the first card you will be playing to attract the company's attention, so it is essential that you carefully fill it in and follow a few suggestions:

  • Use an easy-to-read conventional font, but play with boldface when you want to attract the selector's attention;
  • What must definitely be included: Personal information, education, professional experience, known foreign languages, computer skills and personal interests
  • Check grammar and spelling
  • Tell us something about you... Be different!
Prepare a number of versions of your CV so that it is always specific for every position you are looking for.

The letter of presentation: is another possibility you have to draw attention to yourself. You can convey your interest and why you are the right person to the company in two to three paragraphs. Remember to not give a summary of your CV.

You haven't filled in your resume yet?
Download below a template to suit your needs...


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