How to resign

Once you have decided to leave your company, it is advisable to do so in the most professional way possible, so first of all:
  • Talk to your People Manager
    Make sure they are the first to learn the news. During the meeting, explain the reasons for your decision and show your willingness to hand over your responsibilities and train the
    person indicated to you for the handover.
    Don't show up with the letter of resignation, but decide together with them what your last day of work might be and closely check the terms of notice (remember that they change according to seniority and the national labour agreement).
  • Report your resignation
    Inform your HR that you want to resign with a meeting.
    Check the date of termination with them and send an email with your resignation. Then, for Italy, start the INPS procedure (
  • Tell your colleagues
    Once you have formalised your resignation with your People Manager and your HR, when you feel ready. But you should tell your colleagues about your decision before you start the handover.
  • Get ready in advance
    Your last day of work will arrive before you think, and there are so many things to do. Get ready in advance so you don't become stressed!
    Start to take your personal things home and arrange the documents you will have to leave with your colleagues so they are easily accessible.
    Take time to greet all your colleagues and make time for those you want to greet in person.
    Prepare - calmly and re-reading it several times - a short email of thanks to send to your "special" colleagues along with your personal references so you can continue to stay in touch with them.
  • The last day
    Smile and be positive!
    Take 10 minutes to spend alone with your boss to say good-bye.
    Send the email you've prepared.
    Finish your day in a positive way: sometimes life can turn farewells into goodbyes!