The first day of work

The first day of work That first so fateful day of work has finally arrived. But so many doubts and questions come to mind when we want to be best prepared!
Here are some tips to get you ready:
  • Be on time
    Arrive 5 minutes before your entry time so you can introduce yourself to people in the reception area.
  • Clothing
    Find out in advance if certain clothing is required at the company.
    Choose clothes that make you feel good and that fit in with the style of the company and of the colleagues on your team.

  • Greet everyone with a smile
    And not just on the first day! You will meet many people. Many will be introduced to you, and then you will meet some in the corridors. Say hello and smile and, if you have the chance, introduce yourself.
  • Take notes
    Paper and a pen are usually delivered in the Welcome Kit.
    Use them immediately and take notes. There will be lots of things to remember!
  • Ask questions
    It is your first day.
    No one expects you to remember all the names and information that will be given to you, so when you don't remember or have doubts, don't worry. Ask!
  • Social Media
    Remember to update your professional profile on Linkedin and join your company's followers.
  • Have fun
    There are a lot of things to think about and learn, but there is also the enjoyable and exciting aspect of your first day of work.
    So enjoy the day and the excitement it will bring you!