Energy Makers - Michele

Michele Masala, Manager at the ERG Renew Operations & Maintenance Operational Centre, Ploaghe (SS), 39 years old.

Michele, how long have you been a manager at the operational centre?

I've been in the world of wind power since 2004, and started out as a turbine maintenance technician. In February 2005 I became a manager at the Ploaghe Centre, then, from December 2010 with the old management and since 1 November 2013 with ERG Renew Operations & Maintenance, I have been a manager of the Sardinia Area. Today my position is definitely more "managerial".

Can you briefly explain to us what your work involves?

The role of operational centre manager involves dealing with all activities related to the group centre, including both warehouse activities and the management of the maintenance of plants. This includes monitoring the warehouses in terms of logistics, staff and, above all, security. We need to be able to ensure both the repair and productivity of our turbines.
In contrast, in terms of the plants my work involves managing the maintenance schedule established by the asset manager and providing technical support in the event of problems with or reparations to the plants. This is the more "operational" side of my role, especially when it comes to the organisation and management of the maintenance teams.

What skills are necessary for carrying out your work?

People in my line of work must have an advanced knowledge of plant engineering, understand the maintenance techniques and processes, have good knowledge of the equipment and tools necessary for managing the plants, know the safety and quality regulations related to them, have a solid IT foundation, understand the SAP system (more specifically SAP PM and SAP MM) and have good managerial skills (such as coaching, team work, vision, resourcefulness and authority).

What do you enjoy the most?

The thing I like most is having the opportunity to work within ERG Renew… It's the leading company in the sector, is constantly growing and has a solid and well organised corporate structure. At the heart of the ERG Group are its people, and their growth and training.

 What is the most difficult aspect?

The most difficult aspect of my job might be managing people, which is always very challenging from a human perspective. You could say that another sensitive aspect is sometimes managing priorities… You must be "good" at identifying what the priorities and urgent matters are, especially when you're presented with numerous requests that must be handled at the same time.

What is the main professional challenge that you're dealing with at the moment?

Trying to do my job as well as possible by attempting to improve in the areas in which the most critical situations have arisen. I'm really pleased because, as I said before, our company places so much emphasis on training and we have the opportunity to learn so much. I recently took part in a Team Coaching course, which was a really invaluable moment for both my personal and professional growth!

What advice would you give to somebody who wants to do your work?

My advice would be to always give your all in your job, not to stop at the "assignment", and to listen to and learn from the people with whom you work or collaborate…