Energy Makers - Giuseppe

Giuseppe Damiano, 35 years old - WTG Maintenance Technician, Montaguto (AV), ERG 

How long have you been involved in the maintenance of wind turbines?

I started working in this sector in 2000 when I was 20 years old and was only involved in the routine maintenance of the wind blades. Thanks to the refresher courses offered by the company that I worked for and my (strong) desire to learn, I developed a great deal professionally and I also believe that I have matured on a personal level. Today I am involved not only in the mechanical and electrical aspects of the turbines, but also in repairing the blades with composite materials.

Can you briefly describe what your job entails?

I repair the turbine blades: sometimes, when there are thunderstorms or other adverse atmospheric conditions, they can become damaged, problems like disconnections, delamination, etc. A blade team has been created at our company, which I am part of, and with the help of the air platform we are normally able to perform the repairs directly at height, without having to dismantle the blade, therefore speeding up the process.

What are the skills needed to perform your job?

First of all, you need to know the blade structure very well, from a technical point of view, which materials to use, constantly keeping up to date on these things, because technology is always developing.
Another fundamental aspect is precision: sometimes you have to reconstruct sections of the blade, complicated by having to recreate the form and original profile.
What you like most…

I really like the world of composite materials which, when used correctly, give me a great deal of satisfaction both in terms of use and effectiveness.
For example, I was once faced with a severely damaged blade: we were forced to stop the turbine, it seemed as if we would have to replace the entire blade…my collaborators and I performed an in-depth analysis then we decided to perform the repairs at height. After a few days of work, we were able to get the turbine working again. This operation really gave me an indescribable feeling; we were really pleased.

What is the most difficult aspect…

Sometimes the most difficult aspect is having to face adverse weather conditions, we often exceed 1,000 meters above sea level, winter is very cold and we have to face strong gusts of wind, ice and snow…under these weather conditions, we suspend the activities for safety reasons, meaning, sometimes we are not able to achieve the planed schedule, which has been established in advance.

What is the main professional challenge that you are facing at the moment?

Completing the  targets agreed with my supervisors: reaching a preset target of blade repairs performed at height…this really involves a considerable amount of commitment because now I am not only involved in repairs, I also deal with scheduling the maintenance to be performed throughout all the regions in Italy where we have wind farms.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into your line of work?

Face everything with DESIRE, DETERMINATION and PROFESSIONALISM…and the results will come by themselves.