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Incentivising commitment to continuous improvement, a long-term outlook and full personal expression: these are the goals that the integrated compensation system has been designed to achieve.

We have designed a scheme that covers four different aspects of personal and professional life to support our GreenEnergyMakers throughout their careers.

Reward Benefit Career
Work Life



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    The reward system recognises every employee's contribution and is defined on the basis of job role, expertise and seniority, as represented by personal job title: Specialist, Professional, Manager, Senior Manager, Director.  A specific combination of fixed and variable remuneration is guaranteed for each title.

    Fixed remuneration consistent with the position held and in line with leading players on the market, regulated in Italy by the National Collective Labour Agreement for the Electricity sector.

    Variable remuneration designed to actively involve every employee in ERG's successes through collective plans (in Italy, Performance bonus) and to reward individual performance through specific performance plans.

  • Sustainability and Green Pay become part of the new Company Performance Bonus!
    31 July 2019 - This week the new regional agreements that define the Company Performance Bonus for 2019/2021 have been reached. One of the main innovations concerns the decision, shared by the Company and its Social Partners, to link one part of the new Performance Bonus to the achievement of sustainability and Green Pay objectives.

    In fact, in addition to the technological performance and profitability objectives, ERG and its Social Partners have welcomed the challenge of "going green" by choosing to link the award of part of the performance bonus to:
    • reductions in the accident frequency and severity indices;
    • reductions in the use of plastic as part of a plastic-free approach;
    • reductions in the use of printer toner cartridges.

    The introduction of Green Pay measures places us in a leading position in the context of our industrial relations and confirms that our focus on the region and the environment stems from the promotion of the virtuous behaviour that each and every one of us engages in each day.

    The new Sustainability and Green Pay system, designed with our Social Partners and involving the entire company workforce in Italy, represents a new tangible action pursued by ERG to promote the achievement of SDG 8 of the UN Agenda 2030 (decent work) with regard to the prevention of accidents, and SDG 12 (responsible consumption) as regards the "plastic-free" approach.
  • 2018: in Italy a new contractual framework
    Our 2018 began in the new contractual framework of the National Collective Labour Agreement for the Electricity sector. This agreement came into force on 1 January 2018 and applied to all of the Group's people in Italy, as established at the end of 2017 following a shared and constructive trade union dialogue. This operation not only represented an evolution of the regulations, it was also an important step in the creation of a business culture in keeping with our sector.



  • Health
    ERG ensures the health and welfare of its employees through the provision of medical insurance, life insurance, and personal and professional injury insurance. Each office follows a specific preventive healthcare and check-up programme.

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  • Pension Fund & Finance
    The company offers pension plans and tax consultation services designed to support employees in defining and achieving long-term personal financial goals.
  • Wellness
    Here at ERG, sport is energy and an opportunity to share emotions, work as a team, and grow not only as an athlete, but as a person. ERG encourages a healthy and active lifestyle through fitness centres at our offices or agreements with external gyms. Since 2010, ERG has facilitated the participation of twenty of our best runners in some of the most important marathons in the world 

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  • Training & Development
    "Develop your energy" is ERG's invitation to its employees each year to develop their own training plan.

    Life-long learning and self-accountability are essential to best use the development drivers that the company offers to each of its employees (discovering individual talent, applying for new experiences, etc.)

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Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance
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    Take charge of your own time management.

    ERG offers a range of services aimed at helping our employees to maximise their free time and/or enabling them to plan their personal or professional activities more easily.

    Our approach to flexible working is designed to help our employees to balance and manage these two aspects.

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