Induction seminar

Induction Seminar: ERG insight and familiarisation process launched!

Induction Seminar: ERG insight and familiarisation process launched!
Genoa, 20 July 2016 -  ERG introduces itself to those that have recently joined the company through the voices and experiences of senior staff members who have developed an insight and guidance process with HR.

19 people from 6 Group companies took part in the first module of the new Induction Seminar at the Genoa site.

24 speakers presented ERG, discussing their growth paths and focusing particularly on the Electricity Market, Wind, Water and Gas (our sources), administrative processes and ICT, the "figures" in the annual reports and the communication strategy, but also our Values and what "operating in a sustainable way", recognising and developing talent and experiencing the ERG world through Internal Communications mean for us.

The course will continue in the autumn with visits to the Terni (Water), Priolo (Gas) and Carlentini (Wind) plants.

... and the final stages

... and the final stages
Tuesday 20 September saw the end of the Induction Seminar course for people who recently joined our group.

After the classroom sessions of last July, the new colleagues had the chance to visit the group's production plants: the first stage was to the hydroelectric nucleus in Terni, followed by a visit to our ERG Power thermoelectric power plant in Priolo Gargallo (Siracusa).

The final stage of the course was to the windfarm in Carlentini (Siracusa).

Feedback from our "new" colleagues...

"Meeting new colleagues and strengthening relationships with those I already knew." (Riccardo,Terni)

"I particularly enjoyed the Induction Seminar as I was able to get a better idea of the ERG business. The presentation of company activity on the days in Genoa (12 and 13 July 2016) was the most interesting moment, it gave me a vision of the whole, a glimpse of the entire, complex industrial reality."  (Fabrizio, Terni)

"… an idea of our company from different aspects, highlighting different things that from my normal point of view at my desk, are not so obvious." (Francesco, Terni)

"I think that the very idea of this seminar, with the necessary investment of resources and time, gave me a very different interpretation of the value of the word ERG." (Francesco, Terni)

"The perception of being part of a big, multi-facetted company with lots of different competences where you really can grow in every sense. And another very positive aspect was the atmosphere of friendship created in the group, which becomes extremely useful in relations between colleagues."  (Francesco, Terni)

"I will be more at ease with the colleagues who took part in this experience. This will make cross-discipline work easier." (Matteo, Terni)

"I can definitely understand the role of colleagues from other departments better now together with the activities needed to keep the company working." (Daniele, Terni)

"I take with me greater awareness of the company…" (Sauro, Terni)

"This experience for me shortened the distances I thought there were between the various groups and the various roles in the ERG world."  (Alberto, Terni)

"To date I think I have a better all-round vision of the Group than before, in its approach to work. After this experience, I also consider how what I do may influence other realities in the Group, outside of the one I work in." (Salvatore, Syracuse)

"I am more aware of the practical sides of activities, in other words, working in the field, the difficulties and daily commitment needed to basically keep the whole machine functioning." (Marco, Genoa)

"With me I take the faces and words of many colleagues." (Tiberio, Terni)

Induction in three words...

Energy, Enthusiasm, Future (Davide, Genoa)

Knowledge, Vision, Engagement (Tiberio, Terni)

Uniting, Interesting, Dynamic (Riccardo, Terni)

Integration, Knowledge, Motivation (Sebastiano, Terni)

Wide horizons, Professionalism, Friendship (Francesco, Terni)

Innovative, Effective, Stressful (Matteo, Terni)

Company and Professional Culture (Daniele, Terni)

Productive, Organised, Useful (Salvatore, Syracuse)

Interesting, Tangible, Long (Marco, Genoa)

Interesting, Stimulating, Potentially very useful for creating a sense of belonging (Jacopo, Terni) 

... and feedback from the teachers

"It was a chance to talk about my experience in ERG, " our development" and our values" (Walter, Terni)

"Confirmation of how important it is to devote attention to people, with passion"  (Walter, Terni)

"Got better acquainted with my colleagues (speakers as well as participants) and a renewed sense of belonging to the group" (Gianluca, Genoa)

"ERG's industrial approach to all of its businesses is absolutely comparable with larger and smaller industries even outside of Italy" (Andrea, Genoa)

"…a great number of speakers made ERG's spirit and desire to "welcome" new colleagues very clear" (Daniele, Rome)

"I really liked the major involvement of the participants, their attention, curiosity and desire to learn. I was surprised by the powerful "energy" that was created and the constant exchange of information/details that continued even throughout the days after" (Denise, Genoa)

"I think that the usefulness of the Induction seminar lies in the many parts it encompasses. Altogether it makes for a unique experience because you can learn about aspects of the company history and business which would otherwise be difficult to convey as effectively" (Denise, Genova)

"Getting to know the various managers of the ERG departments and their daily mission as well as recognising the different styles which, obvious as it may be, vary from person to person, but with one thing in common, ERG style" (Alfredo, Siracusa)

"…I liked the preparation of the material presented and I honestly liked the presentation itself." (Renzo, Rome)

"… sharing personal and work experiences." (Francesco, Camporeale)

"…before starting the description of the activities, I thought, I hope I don't bore them. But after a few minutes, what was a potential monologue changed into an engaging dialogue" (Vincenzo, Carlentini)

... and the induction seminar described by the teachers in just three words!

Communicating with passion (Walter, Terni)

Engaging, challenging and satisfying (Giuliano, Terni)

We're: in the sense that we get personally involved
One: in the sense that we are on the same page
Team: in the sense that we are always working together (Federico, Genoa)

ERG to ERG (Gianluca, Genoa)

Group, positive, useful (Alfredo, Carlentini)

Integration, Identity, Belonging (Francesco, Siracusa)

Constant, effective improvement (Roberto, Genoa)

ERG in pills (Elena, Genoa)

Presenting, welcoming, stimulating (Daniele, Roma)

Sharing ERG values (Roberta, Genoa)

Fun, opportunities, talent (Alfredo, Siracusa)

Passion, reflection and learning (Giovanni, Genova)

Challenging, authoritative, fun (Salvatore, Carlentini)


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