Next Generation

Next Generation

Next Generation is a two-year recruitment and training programme.  It aims to place and train young professionals, right across the Group, who will be able to occupy managerial positions at the end of the course. We look for young graduates that:
  • speak English, Italian and, if possible, a third language;
  • have studied and worked in multiple countries;
  • regard themselves as "citizens of the world" and who therefore want to continue to develop their professional skills without restrictions.
Over the 2-year course, ERG's Next Generation will have the chance to undertake 10 professional experiences that will acquaint them with all the businesses and enable them to understand the company's values and culture.

Meet our Next Generation

NEXT GENERATION - I diari di bordo dell'edizione 2014-2016

Guarda le storie dei due anni di progetto Next Generation, raccontate direttamente dai tre protagonisti!
Clicca sulla gallery di Egle, Simon ed Evelyn e sfoglia il loro diario di bordo.

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