I want to be a manager!

In April 2016 we hosted some young people who took part in the project "I want to be a manager!". The project, organized by the University of Genoa and by Manageritalia in collaboration with several important companies in the area, provides a full immersion in the company, to live a few workdays alongside our managers. 

The experience involves directly participating in our "everyday life", aware that one can only learn "know how" in the field.
At the end of the experience, the young people met our Talent Acquisition team for feedback on the three days and for a professional orientation meeting.

"The experience was overwhelmingly positive. I was positively impressed by the helpfulness of the people I met..."(Alessio)

"It was a really nice experience, I discussed some technical issues that I had run into in my university course, directly with your engineers!" (Alberto)

"I enjoyed the attention that I was given by both managers by the HR office. The project was very interesting and informative and I definitely recommend it to all students (even student who, like me, are not apparently involved in the areas proposed)" (Silvia)