#GreenEnergyMakers in the time of COVID 19

COVID has accelerated the spread and pervasiveness of remote working also at ERG. At the start of June all #greenenergymakers that had worked from home received a questionnaire enabling them to share their thoughts on their experience.

When answering they were asked to try and ignore the emotional impact of the pandemic and focus on the new working method that has been adopted in this period.
These were the results: on a scale of 1 to 4 (where 1 means a completely negative experience and 4 means a completely positive experience), the overall judgment of the experience was a positive 3.66.


What worked best?

  • Use of technology tools and remote communication;

  • Time management and planning;

  • Work-life balance;

  • Ability to stay focused and concentrated.


areas could
     be improved? 

  •  Work-life balance;


  • Time management and planning;

  • Group interaction via telephone or video calls;

  • Managing the emotions of the team

What should be part of the"new normal"?

  •  The possibility of being able to work from places other than the office (those indicating a number of days indicated 2);

  •   The punctual starting and ending of meetings;

  •   A reduction in the number of transfers;

  •  The authenticity of relationships;

  • The possibility of focusing more closely on individual activities.


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