The key importance of our People has driven us to develop a growth model centred on the concept of talent.
Talent Management is a philosophy that seeks to highlight and develop people's talents rather than talented people.

The focus therefore switches from the attention to the quality of a small group of people to the need to discover the real resources of each individual so they can be maximised in company projects.

We have created a training catalogue that is able to respond to learning requirements and desires through seminars, courses, teaching methods and processes. We have launched a training boutique where the courses are developed according to the needs of our people: each course is personalised in terms of both content and delivery. 

You Learn – Develop your energy

ERG invests a lot in training its People. It asks everybody to construct their own annual growth plan made up of reading, experiences, workshops and participation in training courses.
ERG has defined the managerial skill sets and relative conduct that are crucial for its success and has aligned its development and training systems to disseminate and support their implementation in the organisation.
Every person has a reference training catalogue for developing their skills and personal talents.