Talk about job mobility with Marta Spallarossa

Hello and nice to meet you !As a purebred Genoese (my mother's maiden name is Spallarossa), I am someone who likes company; I always try to find the positive aspects of everything, including my work. Indeed, I think the ability to "exploit" your business activities by turning them into an opportunity for fun is a trick that allows you to face your every working day with a positive attitude. 

Since February I have been in Germany, in Leinsig where, together with other German colleagues, I look after the accounting of wind farms.  At the beginning of my adventure in ERG in 2010, I worked in the Oil accounting division. After staying there for about two years, I had the chance to go to the Oil operations department where, for another two years, there was no lack of opportunities to have "fun"! 
Following the company's reorganisation I spent a year in a secretarial role, firstly alongside the director responsible for the internal control system and subsequently alongside the Chief Audit Officer.

This experience too, very different from my previous ones, helped give me a better understanding of how our company is structured. And then ... what next? My passion for foreign languages, and desire to experience new cultures and to interact with different people led me here to Germany.

After a few months of commuting between Italy and Germany, I started living here. The town is in the midst of the countryside, amidst fields of rapeseed, and wheat. In May the colours here were amazing!  The neighbours welcomed me with homemade cakes that we ate together, chatting and drinking coffee.

The whole path I have followed at ERG has always allowed me to learn, and in every respect.  Speaking of the future... what other experiences are in store?  Auf Wiedersehen!