Talking about job mobility with Matteo Carando

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, what you do at ERG and how long you have been doing it?

Hi, my name is Matteo, I've been married to Marta for just over a year and I was born in Genoa but I've been living in Paris with my family since September 2015. I love the mountains, running, spending time with friends and, albeit from a distance, I am still a keen support of my beloved Sampdoria. I have been country manager for France and CSO France manager for ERG for about 9 months.
When you joined the group though, you had a different job.

That's right, I started at ERG on 10 July 2006 in the purchase office. Then I moved to ISAB in 2008, to Renew in 2012 as maintenance programming manager, then as Italian asset manager and in 2015 I moved to France.
How did all these changes come about?

The first, moving to ISAB, was dictated by a need to set up, out of the single purchase office that existed at the time, two separate ones and my name was put forward for this new situation. The offer to move to Renew came when ISAB management policy was becoming very different from that of the ERG I knew and so I jumped at the chance. The possibility for this last move, to France, came 4 weeks before our wedding, with the spirit of adventure that makes me stand out and my family's willingness, we decided to add this further experience to the revolution underway in our lives and… here we are!
What's living in another country like? Tell us an anecdote…

Living in a foreign country is an incredible life experience, your routine changes radically and it is a continual search for new certainties, from doing the shopping to local bureaucracy, from the doctor to a new home, then… Paris is Paris, but careful, it's not just the City of Light seen through the eyes of the tourist! It certainly hasn't been one of the best times to move here; first the attacks in the heart of the city, then the state of emergency still in place, plus a series of other episodes, each one raising attention levels, the risk of flooding… (yes, I have wondered if it was me that brought all this bad luck!)
I'll give you two anecdotes: the first is about our arrival in France, the day of our journey, with me singing the praises of this experience to my wife and making light of possible difficulties. Then we got to our apartment complex with all our luggage and found out that, due to an error, not ours, we didn't even have a room for the night… well, that's a good start, we thought! ? The second one I'd like to share with all those who complain about the traffic in Genoa: the first time we came back to Italy, we decided to leave at what I thought was an intelligent time. Two and a half hours it took us to cover just over 12 kilometres on the Paris ring road! One thing was clear: that was not an intelligent time! So now what? U-turn and try again tomorrow without the "intelligent departure" bit?
Now... two difficult questions: do you prefer this job or the one you had before? Would you be willing to change "again"?

I will never forget the job I had before, thinking about what we achieved and what I learnt from the friends/colleagues throughout Italy with whom we achieved it. This job is enormously stimulating for the responsibility it entails and the new relationships that must be created, I am certain that what I learnt before will help me greatly this time round, so I am very happy with this new challenge. 
Change is never easy, it means constantly putting yourself to the test and working outside a routine that is initially created. I find this stimulating, so I wouldn't exclude another change in the future. Before that however, I would like to have the chance to conclude the work I have just started here in France.