What talent means for ERG

At ERG we take a "holistic view" of people. Talent management processes are launched at various times of the year and focus in closely on performance, expertise, skills, development potential, motivation and… talent.
"Talent" is a keyword for ERG. At ERG "talent" is not a person with exceptional potential but rather a distinctive quality that enables people to naturally achieve extraordinary results while enjoying their job at the same time.

On the basis of this distinction, at ERG we look for the talent in people rather than talented people.
One important implication of this approach is that we are inclined to invest more heavily in "what is already there" rather than in "what is missing".
Not being a very common approach yet, together with a number of consultants who, like us, are passionate about people, development and talent, we have designed, and continue to design, training courses aimed at recognising and promoting these unique and valuable qualities in people.
Although the ability to spot talent was initially the role of the People Managers, whose role was to act as a new "pair of eyes" to observe our workers, in the last two years ERG's investments have increasingly focused on discovering and making the best possible use of personal talent, a method that sets us apart. Recognising your talent is pleasing but also a responsibility; we ask and request that everyone cultivates and trains theirs so it is able to flourish in full. That they use it to move out of their comfort zone and into the learning zone more frequently.
Recognising the ability of others cannot be the sole responsibility of the People Manager; a large part of the results ERG plans to achieve in the next few years will be met by multi-disciplinary teams.

With this in mind, Talent Enabling (one of the skills of the leadership model for 2018-2022) will be the ability to tap into the innate qualities of colleagues and external partners in order to strive for excellence.
One last thing... going beyond the traditional tools of human resources also enabled us to involve a colleague with a talent for storytelling using images in the You Learn 2017 project.

It was he who designed the icons for the "7 axes" of the training courses... and this is our image of talent!

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