Welfare & Wellness

Overall, our welfare services follow three general guidelines:

• the working environment (e.g. flexible working hours, training for individual development and cultural growth, celebration events);

health care and related information and prevention campaigns;

leisure (corporate Cral social organizations and family days).

Integrative health care is offered both through participating in contractual funds and by specific Group initiatives. a medical office is always present at all our main locations so that, during working hours, all employees can access health and medical specialists.

In these structures, besides first aid activities, counselling is provided on health problems unrelated to work, and health checks are carried out for workers exposed to specific risks.

The medical offices also support health promotion campaigns that are developed according to local programs, and promote prevention.


ERG Fit for Life

ERG Fit for Life
A new gym full of equipment with machines for all kinds of exercises divided into three areas - cardio, floor exercises, equipment - as well as instructors for the courses and personal trainers to follow all those that work out.

The perfect place to improve the work-private life balance while staying in shape, relieving daily stress and ensuring you are more reactive and productive in the rest of your free time.

On this basis we opened the gym for all Group employees at the Genoa site: a brand new industrial-style 400 m2 space with the best equipment and the latest cutting-edge inventions to guarantee users a healthy and comfortable environment.

Preventive Healthcare Plans

In addition to the usual possibility of receiving free infl uenza vaccinations, we have added 3 voluntary-participation employee Health Projects:

• the Secondary Tumour Prevention Programme which gives all women over the age of 40 and all men over the age of 50 the chance to have ultra-sound scans to identify the most frequent forms of cancer, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer;

• the URO Programme - reserved for employees at the Priolo site - which aims to monitor urinary tract diseases over a two-year period;

• the CUTE Project - also reserved for employees at the Priolo site - which aims to raise awareness and monitor the population with regards to the risk of melanoma.

And then…

For your well-being: if you have been sitting at the desk for ages in your car or on a flight, we suggest you dedicate five minutes to these exercises.

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Page updated at 11 Aug 2020