Values and Leadership Model

WE ARE ERG: our values, our skills, our behaviour for meeting the goals of the 2018-2022 plan

Which managerial skills, which approach to our work, to the team, to innovation and to results will enable us to achieve the goals we have communicated to the market?

In parallel to the development of the 2018-2022 plan, we met to respond to these questions, knowing that the answers will be key to transforming the commitments undertaken into results.

The product of individual reflections, working groups, of questionnaires and evenings of lively debate, is a map that everyone can identify with and which highlights the necessary Values, Skills and Behaviour of the ERG Group for 2018-2022.
The model is based on Values and shaped by Skills and Behaviour.

We often use the metaphor of the iceberg to describe how behaviour is what we perceive through the senses and an expression of values, motivations, beliefs that are not "visible" but which guide and inspire our actions.

The Values

The Values are the Group's DNA. Generations of people working at every ERG site can proudly identify with them. They are the glue of our community and underpin our way of doing business in time.



 knowing and promoting our business story to construct the future.


 contributing, through our growth, to creating a better world for all stakeholders.


 generating positivity and transmitting our passion for the things we do.


 bravely addressing the challenges of a fast-moving market in continuous flux.

Skills and Behaviour

While our Values are consistent, our Skills and Behaviour vary with the evolution of our Group, our strategy and the historic moment we are currently living.

The first model was constructed in 2016, the second in 2012... Five years on, following the radical transformations, we know we can achieve our aims if we develop and adopt these 6 skills:  

Leading and Inspiring

Guiding and being a role model

Result Driven

Making things happen

Forward Thinking

Envisaging and Planning the Future

Talent Enabling

Recognising, developing and supporting talent


Adopting an empathetic and engaging style to drive participation

Come Together

Construct cross-functional and high-performance teams

These skills must be present and developed at all levels of the organisation.

Values: a mix of continuity and forward-thinking

Values: a mix of continuity and forward-thinking
"When interpreting the role of shareholder, I always look for balance but also an equilibrium between continuity and evolution. It is an approach I have inherited and followed at home, it is something we have passed down from one generation to the next.
  • Heritage is continuity, increasing value and handing down. It is connected with 80 years of history, how this story has been written and how we want to write it in the future. Without losing what has made it such a success story and without closing our eyes to new advancements.
  • Sustainability is connected with our way of doing business, with creating value for all stakeholders; it is our way of approaching the world and impacting on the future. We strive for sustainable development because we want to be around for another 80 years.
  • Passion and Challenge are the sides to ERG with which I identify, where I see positivity and courage. It is the energy of all of us, it is the fuel that drives our actions every day. These are facets of a company that never sits on its laurels and is never afraid to accept a challenge. You can see them clearly on every line of the new business plan.

I believe that these values can act as a constant guide for our managerial actions because as well as forming part of the company... they are first and foremost inside all of us."

Alessandro Garrone, Executive Deputy Chairman
"The model that will inspire us has some things in common with the previous one and some significant evolutions: some ways of thinking and acting that are part of our cultural heritage are confirmed but at the same time new skills at both individual and collective level emerge and clamour to be implemented.

I have confidence in the path we will take together because I believe we have the ability, the professional qualities and the individual motivation to channel all of our energy towards the new evolution of the ERG Group."

Luca Bettonte, Chief Executive Officer 

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