At ERG, we don't use the words Personnel or Human Resources, we prefer Human Capital.
Because at ERG, people are a concrete tangible value that we help to grow, thanks also to development processes and organisational models.

ERGgate - Our intranet

ERGgate - Our intranet
At ERG, sharing of key messages and corporate objectives is encouraged by the use of a series of IT tools that range from our "ERGgate" intranet to the organisation of annual events with group management.

Having everyone "on board", regardless of their organisational or geographical position, is the best way to guarantee a true winning team. 

On our intranet we have the Agorà forum, a tool available to everyone at ERG for the sharing of knowhow and competences linked to specific issues of a professional nature. 

Our TeamERG

Our TeamERG
"TeamERG" is the group's e-magazine that spreads ERG culture and values, offers an in-depth look at activities and best practices and talks about ERG-brand events. 

The digital version has made it easier to consult and lets readers "vote" for the most interesting articles, providing direction for the editorial staff.  And, last but not least, it allows us to considerably reduce how much paper we use.

Group Meeting

Group Meeting
The Group Meeting is the annual ERG Summit of Group Senior Managers and Managers for discussion of results achieved and future goals, shared also with everybody else in the company via our intranet.

End of Year event

End of Year event
230 in Genoa, 100 in Syracuse, 104 in Terni and 110 ERG Renew Operations & Maintenance Operations Centres: these are how many people took part in our Christmas events.

We also managed to donate a large part of the budget for these initiatives to projects at the G. Gaslini Hospital in Genoa, the S. Egidio Community and the MUS-E Association, in line with our social commitment. 


Every year we organise meetings for professional families or business areas within our group, in order to share objectives, best practices and key messages.
  • ERG Power - Insieme con Energia (Together with Energy) 2011
  • ERG Power - People Have the Power 2014
  • ERG Services - Collaborazione e Risultati (Collaboration and Results) 2015 
  • ERG Services - Sfide: energia realizzativa (Challenges: drive to achieve) 2016 
  • ERG Power Generation - Leaders' meeting 2016

BikERGs: "It's better in the wind"


On the afternoon of Sunday 12 June, the 1st Motorcycle Meet of BikERGs "It's better in the wind" drew to a close, organised by colleagues who are passionate bikers!

The weekend went smoothly on the roads that lead to Terni,  …colleagues from all over Italy (Genoa, Rome, Terni, and even from Syracuse) met at Villa Fabrizi in the early afternoon on Saturday and then: then visits to Corbara dam, to the Sanctuary of the Presepe di Greccio and finally Salto dam, where Pietro Tittoni, (link to bio), Managing Director of the Power Business Unit and Chief Operating Officer for the Renewables Business Unit provided some interesting information about this huge feat of engineering. 

The appointment immediately became a "tradition": our bikers have already chosen a location for the 2017 meet. Sicily!

People Satisfaction Survey

The transformation process did not concern only the business model, but it also led to consequences within the organization that affected the content of activities, our structure, our culture and also our reference values.

How do these changes affect ERG's people, today?

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