Energy Management - Milena Milluzzo

My job is to define the bidding strategies for the wind, thermal and hydroelectric plants of the ERG Group in the energy markets, analysing the data on the electricity market and determining the optimal operating conditions of the plants. I have been part of the ERG world since 2009.

I have had the chance to work in many environments: managing contracts between ERG, its suppliers and industrial customers, monitoring the performance control of ISAB Energy, one of three plants in the world that produce electricity from refining residues (IGCC, Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle), understanding and operating in the energy and dispatch markets, analysing the main drivers governing the Italian electricity market, and defining the dispatching strategy of ERG's plants in their best performing configuration and to generate the greatest financial margin.

I have appreciated the constant interest in and attention to environmental sustainability and the desire to consolidate and develop the green side of every person in their professional and personal lives. At ERG I have had the opportunity to attend numerous training courses, which have helped me improve my technical and interpersonal skills, and to learn methodologies to make better use of my personal resources.

I work in a youthful and stimulating environment, where teamwork is constructive and harmonising. I feel "rich" because over these years I have assimilated new technical knowledge, I have improved my social and relational aspects, and I have taken on more responsibility in an environment that reflects my values of respect for people and the environment. In the future I hope to continue along this path of continuous personal improvement and always learn new skills to expand my horizon and gain an increasingly global vision.