Energy Management - Jacopo Gallori

Your job in 180 characters (if that's enough!!!)

Working in the Front Office of Energy Management means trying to manage the production of our assets as well as possible and to optimise it. G  
Certainly, such an activity doesn't lack stimuli and actually no day is ever the same as the one before... It's almost a paradox, but even though the electricity and dispatching markets always abide by the same deadlines, no day ever repeats itself exactly like the previous one. On the contrary!!! (Sometimes we would prefer it to be like that!)

How long have you been at ERG?

I have been at ERG for just over a year. This is my first job after finishing graduate studies and a postgraduate course focused on the energy sector.

What skills have you developed on this path?

The first thing I should certainly mention is responsibility. Many responsibilities were immediately handed to me in this job and this definitely is a great first step towards not just professional growth but, even more, in terms of character. When there is a problem it needs to be addressed! Then there are obviously skills that are more targeted to our type of work, such as knowledge of the electricity market and its dynamics, understanding of the production processes of our assets, as well as the strategies and all the reasoning behind the technical and economic choices that we have to take on a daily basis.

And what skills will you develop?

Well, the future is a mystery, but certainly I would like to continue to grow and come to understand all the technical-economic-legal aspects of the electricity industry, and having developed sufficient maturity and knowledge, be able to contribute even more actively to the achievement of ever more rewarding targets.