Energy Management - Guglielmo Incani

Your job in 180 characters (if that's enough !!!)

I am the head of Wholesale and Environmental Markets, two contiguous and yet very well defined areas. Working in the environmental markets at ERG means making the most of its renewable energy production assets in markets such as those of energy efficiency certificates and guarantees of origin, and minimising the cost of carbon dioxide emissions from thermal power plants. In addition, I am responsible for purchasing an important energy source, natural gas. Our procurement policy provides the right balance of short, medium and long-term contracts. Our combined cycle plant, in the Syracuse industrial site, converts gas into electricity and steam, which I sell to the site's end users. The surplus of electricity from the combined cycle plant, together with the energy produced by renewable assets (wind, hydro, photovoltaic), is in part sold wholesale by my colleagues on the electricity market, and in part sold by myself to retail customers on the free market, such as processing industries, consortiums and food groups. We have recently expanded the range of products we sell on the "green" energy market, that is, guaranteed to come from renewable sources.

How long have you been at ERG?

13 years! I began in September 2003 as an employee of the subsidiary ISAB Energy, then in the sub-holding ERG Power & Gas, followed by ERG Spa and finally ,today, ERG Power Generation. I'd call it an all-electric path and, why not, even electrifying, in a company that has gone from an being an oil firm to being a producer and marketer of renewable energy.

What skills have you developed on this path?

The distinguishing feature of my journey has been to have had an all-round experience in the sales area, from the application of existing agreements, very important for understanding the basics of the trade, through to price and quantity negotiations, to preparing new contracts and understanding the impacts on business processes of their proper management and execution. My sales role puts me in contact, outside the company, with our customers: every time I write or speak, I am ERG, its face, and its voice.

And what skills will you develop?

You might think that, after 13 years on contracts, each day is a boring recap... What else can you learn that has not already been written? Far from it, in fact, because history teaches me that the world of electricity, customer needs, regulations, and the company itself are a continually developing phenomena and the task of anyone on the front line is to recognise changes and be ready to seize opportunities.