The Power of Diversity - Principles

"ERG offers all persons equal employment opportunities, according to their respective professional characteristics and performance capabilities, without any discrimination, condemning any criminal conduct against the individual and working to adopt the most suitable supervisory measures for this purpose.

Therefore , in compliance with all prevailing laws, regulations and company policies, ERG endeavours to:

• select, hire, remunerate, train and assess people based on criteria of merit, competence and professionalism, without any political, trade union-related, religious, racial, linguistic or sexual discrimination;

• ensure a working environment in which relations between colleagues are marked by loyalty, correctness, cooperation, mutual respect and trust;

• provide working conditions that are suitable from a health and safety standpoint, as well as respectful of the individual's moral personality, so as to encourage prejudice-free interpersonal relationships;

• oppose any form of intimidation, hostility, isolation, undue interference, conditioning or harassment, whether sexual or of any other kind;

• ensure that, within a framework of reciprocal rights and responsibilities, employees are allowed to express their personalities and are offered reasonable protection of confidentiality within their personal and professional relations;

• intervene in the event of behaviour that does not conform to the aforementioned principles."

(From ERG Group Code of Ethics)

"Sustainability" is one of our values and "Inclusion" is one of our most important responsibilities.

They are the pillars of our leadership model and provide inspiration for the actions of each and every person at ERG.
We have embarked on this new pathway to fully valorise the "variety" that enriches and distinguishes ERG.

Another way to acknowledge and enhance everyone's talent.
That is why ERG is a supporter of Valore D, the first Italian association founded in 2009 to promote diversity, talent and female leadership. There are now 200 businesses belonging to this important network, making for a total of over 2 million employees and a turnover of over 500 billion.

With Valore D, we are starting to compare our ability to nurture female talent through a specific index.

What's more, we have involved everyone in a survey that focuses not only on gender diversity, but also on relationships between generations, professional backgrounds, work culture etc... We are analysing the results, which will help us to set specific goals for the years ahead.

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