The Power of Diversity - Our path

To implement our strategic plan we need to be able to include and enhance the talent of each individual and create space for diversity to express itself authentically.

The Power of Diversity project will enable us to optimise this ability through initiatives focused on culture, processes, and individual behaviour.
f we want to expand in the world, we need…

- different points of view to act in discontinuity
- to recognise each person's characteristics to enhance their potential
… in fact, Inclusion is our area of expertise!

In 2019…

- Sustainability Committees and Human Resources: how to develop them at company level;

- Support to Valore D;

- Benchmarks with other companies, particularly on gender diversity;

- Surveys to increase engagement and provide indications on individual approaches to the topic;

- Plan: definition of action plan and KPIs;

- Action: implementation and monitoring of the actions defined in the plan. 

We devote particular attention to gender and generational inclusion.
Source: 2019 Sustainability Report - Consolidated Non-Financial Statement drawn up pursuant to Italian Leg. Decree 254/2016
Discover the geographic origin of the #GreenEnergyMakers through the animated gif!
The transformation of ERG has been mainly achieved through acquisitions which from a "people" viewpoint has greatly increased our in-house Diversity.

Now we are a team of over 760 people, all with different cultural backgrounds, nationalities, ages, genders, professional careers and work culture, plus lots of other aspects of which we are aware of, to a greater or lesser extent.

Woman/Man Remunerative Differential

Woman/Man Remunerative Differential

As regards fixed remuneration, thanks to our salary policy we eliminate the average differential between male and female "office workers" (45% of the workforce) and limit it to 2% in the "middle managers" category (26% of the workforce). 
1 Percentage ratio between the average fixed remuneration for women for each position they belong to and the average fixed remuneration for men for the same position.
Source: 2019 Consolidated Non-Financial Statement drawn up pursuant to Italian Leg. Decree 254/2016

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