The Power of Diversity

"ERG offers all persons equal employment opportunities, according to their respective professional characteristics and performance capabilities, without any discrimination, condemning any criminal conduct against the individual and working to adopt the most suitable supervisory measures for this purpose.

Therefore , in compliance with all prevailing laws, regulations and company policies, ERG endeavours to:
  • select, hire, remunerate, train and assess people based on criteria of merit, competence and professionalism, without any political, trade union-related, religious, racial, linguistic or sexual discrimination;
  • ensure a working environment in which relations between colleagues are marked by loyalty, correctness, cooperation, mutual respect and trust;
  • provide working conditions that are suitable from a health and safety standpoint, as well as respectful of the individual's moral personality, so as to encourage prejudice-free interpersonal relationships;
  • oppose any form of intimidation, hostility, isolation, undue interference, conditioning or harassment, whether sexual or of any other kind;
  • ensure that, within a framework of reciprocal rights and responsibilities, employees are allowed to express their personalities and are offered reasonable protection of confidentiality within their personal and professional relations;
  • intervene in the event of behaviour that does not conform to the aforementioned principles."

    (From ERG Group Code of Ethics)

(2017 Sustainability Report - Consolidated Non-Financial Reporting drawn up pursuant to Italian Leg. Decree 254/2016)

(Source: 2017 Sustainability Report - Consolidated Non-Financial Reporting drawn up pursuant to Italian Leg. Decree 254/2016)

XXVIII Edition of the Marisa Bellisario "High-Flying Women" award:
ERG rewards a recent graduate

Created in 1989 to commemorate Italian entrepreneur Marisa Bellisario, every year, thanks to the work of an expert jury, women that have stood out in their professional field, in the areas of management, science, economics, the social and cultural spheres, at both domestic and international level, are presented with the "Golden Apple".

On 17 June, in Studio 15 at Cinecittà, Giovanni Mondini took part in the Awards Ceremony that was broadcast in the late-evening slot on Rai 2 on 23 June. For the Recent Graduates section he awarded the "Golden Apple" to Veronica Lupis, a bright young graduate in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Genoa. Veronica graduated with honours in May 2015 with a thesis on the "Interaction of the fracture of a fault line with foundation-structure systems" and during her studies she carried out a work placement at the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Dundee (UK).

She had this to say on her award. "Being named winner of the XXVIII edition of the "Marisa Bellisario" award is a great honour and a source of great pride for me, particularly in light of the efforts made both by myself and my family who supported and encouraged me throughout my study course. 
The "Bellisario" Foundation aims to underline the emergence of the female figure in the working world and her ability to take on roles that have always traditionally been the domain of men.

Contrary to some of the working practices we still see on occasions, I do not believe in gender differences, I don't think that there are roles or training paths that are more suitable for women and, as such, I really appreciated the words of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella who, during the meeting on the morning of Friday 17 June, asserted that the full potential of women in the various areas in which they work and operate has not yet been fulfilled.

During the award ceremony I had the chance to meet vice chairman Giovanni Mondini, an intelligent, pleasant and extremely professional man. Although our talk was brief he managed to quote real figures that show how the myth of female students representing a net minority in Italian Engineering departments can finally be busted

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