We at ERG believe that People make the difference. On the basis of our values and history, we think that the company is more than a set of gears that make a machine run with their perfectly defined tasks.
It is, instead, a living system in which individual talents can be "used" and developed to generate value and innovation by interacting in a stimulating environment. ERG's Human Capital is built on our talents, our skills, our relationships. 

Respect and development of People have been a part of ERG's ethos for over 80 years.

We are broadening our frontiers and enlarging our field of action with resourcefulness and courage to turn our idea of the future into reality.

We are convinced that the environment in which we operate and work every day must be the best possible to enable our people to express themselves to the best of their capacities, thereby maximising the value of the company's human capital: none of the results we have reached would have been achieved without the full contribution of our People.

Looking to the future, over the medium-long term, ERG will continue to be very attentive to the development of the knowledgeskills and motivation of its People, because they are the foundation on which the Group's Sustainability rests.