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26 September 2015
Alberto Fusi @"Human resources, excellence, coaching: demands do not excel"

Saturday 26 September 2015, in Turin, at Lingotto Eataly, a national meeting packed with workshops and presentations took place: Fiesta! It brought together Human Resources Directors, corporate executives, media writers and managers, and was organised by EEC, the European School of Coaching, in occasion of its tenth anniversary.

Alberto Fusi, CHCO for the ERG Group, took part in the seminar "Human resources, excellence, coaching: demands do not excel", chaired by Raquel Guarneri, Assistant Director of ECC Italy and Master Certified Coach, with Paolo Zangrillo, ACEA Spa Head of Human Resources, Antonella Iaccino, CNH Industrial (Fiat Group) Human Resources Business Partner, Federico Ott, Global HR Director

"Human resources, excellence, coaching: demands do not excel" Let us start from the title of the seminar. What is its meaning?

The title of the seminar deserves to be explained better. We can try to frame it in the dualism between "Perfectionism & tolerance". Our managerial culture is constantly striving for perfectionism, we have been taught not to simply do things well, but to do them extremely well.

Today, in modern organisations, this striving needs to be tempered, to allow people to express themselves at their best, following their own personal propensities and their creativity. In dynamic and changeable business contexts such as the present situation, one should relieve the pressure on excellence and let people express themselves freely, without too many fears of making mistakes. The ideal scenario would be to adopt the trial & error approach typical of research, which starts without any aims and does not contemplate failure: it is useful because every error is the confirmation of a wrong hypothesis.

Demands and excellence: what connotations do these words take in the coaching sphere?

The aim of coaching is to help people find new roads and new solutions; in managerial terms, it means to change behaviour to reach different solutions, through experimentation and discovery. It is necessary to be open to making mistakes and to accept risks. Perfection, which in itself is unattainable, risks generating frustration, and there is the need not to repress the ability of people to generate new ideas.

What arguments were covered during the seminar?

A seminar with corporate case studies allows going way beyond the theoretical approach, but above all it prompts a deluge of questions. The interactive phase with the audience, composed of around 200 company employees, resulted in a great Q&A session. Today ERG is amongst the companies advocating best practice and our motto "We seek talent in people, not people with talent" arouses a lot of curiosity and always inspires the audience.  We cannot base ourselves any more on technical skills alone, we need to include also the wider expertise of people... from expertise to intelligence.

Is there a road toward excellence?

It does not exist. Excellence is a false construct, it is a term that has been used and abused, and is purely theoretical. The secret to success is to never stop, to continue to strive to improve.