Meet Emanuela

Hello Emanuela! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at ERG.

My name is Emanuela Delucchi, I'm 41 and I've worked at ERG since 2008. At ERG I am Head of Investor Relations, i.e. our relationships with institutional investors, retail and financial analysts.

What are your main activities?

The main aim of the Investor Relator is to develop the communication strategy and policy towards the financial markets with the goal of promoting ERG's values and explaining its strategy and results. My main tasks are to provide investors and analysts with the information they need to understand the ERG strategy, to develop the company assessment model and to make their investment choices or, in the case of analysts, to formulate their recommendations as regards the company stock. Of course, it is essential to monitor the sector and peers and the reports of industry analysts in order to understand the market view and the industry strategies and keep the top management abreast of the evolution of the markets in which ERG operates. Communications with the market take the form of meetings, the top management's participation in roadshows in the main European and American financial markets, conference calls and the quarterly webcasts.

ERG was recently the subject of a case study at Bocconi University: can you tell us more about this project?

What impression did the students make on you? ERG took part and was the subject of a case study during a Master's at SDA Bocconi as part of the Concentration for Finance. ERG illustrated the business transformation that the Group has been undergoing since 2008 and explained the main steps in delivering these important changes. Among the main operations stemming from the change, the acquisition of the integrated hydroelectric complex of Terni was examined. The students had to make an assessment of the acquisition, expressing their opinion on the merits of the strategic decision behind the purchase. They came to the conclusion that the operation was very important for ERG and that the strategic reasons were strong and positive. The price was considered to be fair. The participants in the Master's, all with professional experience but from different backgrounds, seemed very motivated and knowledgeable and found themselves face-to-face with a tricky case study because as well as the financial content they also had to take account of the peculiarities of the electric market with its relative price dynamics. This meant that they had to be very smart and meticulous when carrying out their projects.

What is the next important appointment on the calendar of ERG's Green Energy Makers?

The presentation of the ERG business plan in December which will present the Group's new strategies and growth targets.