Meet Andrea Marelli

Hello Andrea, tell us about yourself and what you do at ERG?

I am a mechanical engineer, born in 1972, but I'm also a violinist (I studied at the Conservatory of Alessandria - Italy)… I've been working for ERG for ten years now and I look after HSE for wind power technology in Italy and abroad. In other words, I make sure that my colleagues work in safety, that there is no personal injury or damage to the environment where our plants are located and that everything goes as well as possible.

What do you like about working for ERG?

As HSE manager, the part I love most about working for ERG is that the goal of my work coincides with the company's most lofty mission, in direct contact with the values of our society. The HSE department offers support to each individual worker, but also has a lot of contacts outside of the company…
The HSE world provides the Sustainability Report. The subject of Safety in the wind power world is fundamental: let's not forget that the wind farms are "widespread" and the maintenance teams are equally "scattered".

Furthermore, we work between 50 and 90 metres from the ground, in a restricted space. I have the chance and the privilege of representing ERG in the special ANEV work group and play an "active part" in the "Wind & Safety" event, sponsored by GE – both in the Italian edition, held annually in Rome, as well as the international edition in Paris. Working at ERG means there are always new challenges to face and that is very stimulating.

The HSE world generally tends to standardise, but here we always have to be dynamic – from all viewpoints!

My role has given me the opportunity to explore the entire business chain, from the initial development and planning stages, to the creation of new wind farms, right down to the function and maintenance of the same. This means I know all of the life stages of a wind farm!

ERG wind farms are geographically widespread, so in recent years I have been lucky enough to see lots of different and beautiful places, like for example Celle Castle in Germany, and taste delicious food, like the pantofola of Lercara Friddi in Sicily, an exquisite cake filled with ground almonds, candied fruit and chocolate!

When we talk about safety, we must talk about the culture of safety, a subject that has always been important to ERG throughout its almost 80 years in business. To capture the attention of my colleagues and to encourage them to take part in the special Competition (link to site Sustainability page) I decided to publish my cartoons.

… Cartoons? So you are an illustrator too? Can you tell us more?

My love for drawing began when I was in kindergarten… then I moved onto drawing caricatures of my teachers. At junior secondary school I experimented with my first cartoons, which developed into real comic strips about the adventures of my teachers at senior secondary school.
News of my talent, of my knack with a pencil… spread throughout the company too… and so I was called upon by the staff of Talent Management to create the icons identifying the courses in our new training catalogue.

How important is it for you to use this talent?

Very important. Let's say that it has been extremely stimulating, like it is to work for ERG. ERG is a company that promotes all-round personal development and where you can use your talent in everything you do.