ERG and Innovation

Our Group has always been attentive to the research and development of new technologies in the Energy world.

Since 2016 we have "opened" our business to the innovation generated by the world of start-ups with the aim of finding solutions that make it possible to assist in the management and operations of our assets and to embrace disruptive ideas that can give us a competitive advantage over other operators in the energy sector.

This process is known as Open Innovation, i.e. the outsourcing of technological innovation to bring specialist skills already developed by other new businesses into the company and to jointly develop the most interesting solutions through technology, commercial and/or financial partnerships.

Matchmaking Day

Matchmaking Day
The first "Matchmaking Day" was held on 6 October 2016, at the Castello del Valentino in Turin. The idea for the initiative, organised by XEI Labs, came from the  SAFM (Scuola di Alta Formazione al Management di Torino), with the cooperation of the CDI (Collège des Ingénieurs), and seeks to promote meetings between technological start-ups and major industrial groups (ERG, Atlantia, CLN and FCA).

The companies, who have worked with XEI Labs over the last few months to implement this new and original Open Innovation formula, thus had an opportunity to learn first-hand about 25 structured and established start-ups, seeking to offer innovative products and services.

The 25 start-ups, from 10 European countries and Israel and selected by XEI Labs to meet the innovation needs expressed by the four industrial groups, had the chance to describe their offers, illustrating the characteristics of their products and the range of applications developed in the fields of energy, cyber security, mobility, geolocation and industry 4.0.

Over the next few months, XEI Labs will assist the companies involved in establishing commercial and operating relationships with those start-ups considered of particular interest for meeting their respective development strategies.